Lean Minute #11 – Business Growth

Jason Burt

Are you looking to Grow your Consulting Business, Manufacturing business, etc….good!  But it is important to think about the Lean Manufacturing approach and make sure that the growth is done in a responsible and sustainable way.  

Lean Minute #10 – TPS vs. Lean

Jason Burt

There seems to be a divide in the Lean Consulting Community around the Toyota Way approach versus the Lean Manufacturing approach.  Well, I think this is ridiculous.  Too many Lean Consultants are getting wrapped up in terminology instead of looking at the actual Lean Thinking approach that is being used, despite the terminology.

Lean Minute #9 – Don’t Forget the Culture

Jason Burt

Quick talk about the importance of Culture in any Lean Manufacturing implementation.  Everyone seems to love the Lean Tools that are very popular, but often too many leaders forget to focus enough on the Lean Culture that needs to be developed and is ultimately the driver in any sustainable Lean Manufacturing implementation.  

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