Lean Manufacturing has lots of terminology that can easily be misunderstood and misused.  Many new students will actually recognize different lean terminology as stand alone continuous improvement processes where they are actually just a small part of the Lean system.  Below is a short list of the most common lean terminology.  

JIT (Just-In-Time): Production and conveyance of only what is needed, when it is needed, in the amount needed, meeting the exact demand of the customer.

Continuous Flow: Eliminating the stagnation of work between processes by producing one piece at a time.

Take Time: Is the time which should be taken to produce a product based on customer demand.

Takt Time =
Total Daily Operating Time
Total Daily Customer Requirement

Pull System: A production system where processes withdraw from proceeding processes the parts they need, when they need them, in the exact needed amount.

Jidoka: The ability of production lines to be stopped in the event of a problem such as equipment malfunctions or quality problems.

Heijunka: The leveling of the production schedule by volume and variety over a given time period.

Kaizen: The process of people making improvements to eliminate waste and improve their work.

Standardized Work: The most efficient workflow considering safety, quality, quantity and cost with the main consideration on human movement.

Stability: The dependability of 4Ms: man, machine, material, and method in daily production.

Kanban: A visual signal that is the key control tool for JIT production.

True North: “Perfection as a goal”
Customer Satisfaction

  • Zero defects
  • 100% value added
  • 1 x 1 in sequence on demand

Human Development

  • Physical and Mental Safety
  • Security
  • Professional Challenge

PDCA: The scientific method simplified; Plan, Do, Check, Act

Management System: A process for “how” to manage within a Lean environment

Gemba (Shop Floor): Where the value added work happens within an organization

OGSM: Strategic Planning process (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures)

7 Forms of Waste

  • Over Production
  • Inventory
  • Waiting
  • Motion
  • Conveyance
  • Correction
  • Process



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