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The gap in true Lean Problem Solving – Fail fast and fail often!

Jason Burt

Lean Problem Solving

Lean Problem solving using the Scientific Method is a key part of many organizations since Dr. Deming and Toyota applied this process in quality circles and manufacturing processes. The method, which in it’s most simplistic form is described as Plan, Do, Check, Act….or PDCA, is the basis of Lean today. The tools of lean, the management system, the philosophies of Lean and all of the Lean Principles are all designed to create a PDCA cycle that creates sustainable business learning and results. This should be true at all levels of a truly lean organization. At a strategic level there should be a longer PDCA cycle with appropriate KPI’s, visuals, and reviews. This PDCA supports the longer vision of the organization and should be broken down to all of the functional levels at more frequent PDCA cycles through out the organization. Many companies are fairly effective of having the key components at the strategic level and the next level down of functional areas typically have the basic components for a PDCA at that level. Where gaps usually exist in designing a lean problem solving culture is at the shop floor level, where true value for the customer actually exists.

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A lean Journey – Being coached by Toyota

Jason Burt

Toyota created the Toyota Production System years ago during extreme times of need.  That hasn’t stopped Toyota from continuing to live by the Lean philosophy. They lead the lean development of it’s employees, suppliers and business partners on a daily basis.  Those that have been able and fortunate enough to see “Lean” through the eyes of Toyota and their amazing leaders, recognize the privilege that they have been afforded.  Jason Burt was one of the fortunate to dive deep into the understanding of the Toyota Production System while at Herman Miller, his former employer.  This podcast episode with fellow lean practitioner Mark Graban of the Lean Blog talks about the journey of learning.  


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Jason Burt Discussing Lean Manufacturing on the Scale UP! Podcast

Jason Burt

Lean Manufacturing is more than just a “manufacturing” system.  Lean is a way of thinking, a way of organizing the work of an organization so that problems can be recognized and solved in a very focused manor.  Lean can become a key part of any organizations strategy.  On this podcast, we explore some different concepts and ideas that show how and where Lean can be implemented within even the smallest organization.  


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5 Simple Tips for New Lean Coaches

Jason Burt

Lean Coaching is a skill that needs to be developed based on years of practice and Lean understanding.  As a lean coach, we should always be looking to help develop our future Lean Coaches.

Lean Manufacturing professionals work very hard to develop their ability to understand the shop floor and devise a plan to improve the conditions and problems that they see.  They spend years learning tools and approaches to solve different business conditions and see themselves eventually being asked to pass that knowledge on to others.  They develop a good understanding of how the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) Problem solving cycle works and can use it to guide themselves through different issues. Unfortunately, there is typically a focus on results and improvement instead of spreading the culture….the skill set to become an effective Lean Coach goes undeveloped.  Solving problems and Coaching others to solve problems are two different skill sets that need to be developed.

Fixing Corporate Culture

Why do Companies Focus on the Lean Tools?…Instead of a Lean Culture?

Jason Burt

As a lean consultant, I’ve had the opportunity to walk  the floor of hundreds of companies over the years.  Many of them are either looking to start their lean manufacturing journey, or have already begun.  But in almost all of companies…there is a misunderstanding of the most important aspects of lean manufacturing.  They are typically looking for Lean training, looking to gain some lean tools for their tool box.  The companies are focused on finding the quick fix, the silver bullet that will solve all of their operational issues, and they hope the lean tools are the answer.  But as many of us in the industry already know, the lean tools alone will not solve a companies issues and in most cases will simply fall apart without a greater understanding of the lean management and philosophical side of lean.

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How does Lean fit into the Start up mentality?

Jason Burt

There has been a significant push for a Lean approach among entrepreneurs ever since the book, The Lean Startupwas published.  As a Lean Consultant with a very strong entrepreneurial mindset and approach to life, this has been very interesting to me.  I have enjoyed talking with other inventors about their MVP (Minimal Viable Products) and learning about how they test their ideas in the marketplace.  The process of testing your product frequently against the market or some criteria of customer expectations is Lean Manufacturing at it’s core.  Testing and Learning…  Listen to the podcast below where Scott Tarcy and I spend some time discussing Lean and the Lean Startup approach.

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Using Lean as an Entrepreneur

Carmine Denisco on the Inventors Launchpad Podcast

Jason Burt

Using Lean as an Entrepreneur: Lean Manufacturing in Start-ups

Lean Manufacturing is used broadly in many manufacturing companies around the world.  Lean has become a common language in more manufacturing industries and has become a staple approach to providing more value for customers through increased quality and efficiencies.  But what many don’t realize is that Lean Manufacturing is actually more about the management system and the learning that comes from problem solving than the technical tools that are so widely publicized.  With that, Lean Manufacturing is able to be used and applied in any company or industry and at any stage of the process.  In this podcast, we discuss Lean Manufacturing and some potentials for use in the Start-up world along with the host Carmine Denisco on the Inventors Launchpad Podcast.


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Top 4 questions to ask a Lean Manufacturing Consultant or the Lean Consulting Firm you are looking to hire.

Top 4 questions to ask a Lean Manufacturing Consultant or the Lean Consulting Firm you are looking to hire.

Jason Burt

There are many Lean manufacturing professionals that have either started working for a consulting company or have ended up as their own version of a management consultant.  It is important that you interview the potential consultant to make sure they are a good fit for your organization. The questions are “which Lean Coach will work for me?” and “what does the correct lean consulting help look like?”.  Below we discuss the top 4 questions for a lean consultant to understand their approach.

The goal is to create a culture where your entire company can learn to continuously improve their processes.   To improve while receiving the needed lean training and development that allows your company to solve problems and drive your own lean strategy…eventually without the Lean consultant.

Here are a few things to think about when vetting your potential Lean Consultant…

Lean Concepts

Lean Training with RMP

Jason Burt

Over the years, I have been very fortunate to be a Lean consultant for some amazing companies and work with some great people. Rolled Metal Products has been a client for several years….Lean Training for their employees, in depth problem solving, leadership development for their informal and formal leaders in the organization, and constantly striving to get closer to True North as an organization. Their culture continues to change and develop every year, and I am lucky to be along for the journey to see them make progress.

Please click one of the links below to read about RMP’s journey or to tour their website:


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