Temporary Lean Leadership

Temporary Lean Leadership might be the simple short term solution to your immediate needs.  Every company has moments of uncertainty and change at the leadership level. During these moments, simply filling an open position with a permanent candidate is not necessarily the correct decision. Many strategic decisions can have an affect on structure of an organization and waiting to find a long-term candidate might be better for everyone. Temporary Lean Leadership can fill multiple needs within an organization and provide short-term relief for an organization.

Temporary Lean leaders can fill an immediate opening to provide guidance and direction instead of having a void in the company. Lean leaders can also provide Lean culture change from a leadership role to drive significant improvement over a shorter time period. Temporary Lean Leadership will always have the long-term focus in mind, but much of the coaching will be more direct due to the positional leadership in the organization.

EHIIP has had success providing Temporary Lean Leadership and can work with you to understand the immediate opportunity and find a solution for your needs.




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