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How to save your company from the economy if the “other” candidate wins the Presidency!

How to save your company from the economy if the “other” candidate wins the Presidency!

Recently the amount of discussions and articles that are available about the presidential race are at an all time high.  The level of interest raises everyday as we inch closer to November and the potential of one of the candidates winning becomes imminent.  The fear and concern is almost deafening as everyone is concerned about the “other” candidate.  Well maybe you are right….maybe the country is about to collapse along with everything you have built?  Now what are you going to do about it?

The reality is that there are concerns for business owners on both sides of the equation.  It doesn’t matter where my thoughts are or which candidate I support, all that matters are your own thoughts on the subject.  I have had multiple conversations recently about the fears of the current economy and how this election will impact it moving forward.  Every single conversation was filled with fear and doubt, due to the tight race and overall dislike of the “other” candidate.  So with each and every one of those conversations, I simply ask what they are doing to strengthen their business and position it in the best scenario for a potential downturn.  In every single case (these have not been current clients), the answer was no different than status quo.

If a business leader saw their particular industry changing due to technology, due to a shift in customer expectations, or any other market shift….they would rally the leadership team and redirect the company towards greener pastures and prosperity without a second thought.  Why is this any different?  If a business leader believes that such a monumental shift in the economy is around the corner…where is the call to arms?…why are you not rallying the troops to save the beloved business and jobs that you have worked so hard to create?

I doubt that the economy is going to collapse on Inauguration day, so I believe you have time.  Time to evaluate your company and create more flexibility within your organization to weather the bad times.  If you haven’t heard of Lean or the Toyota Production System, then let me tell you a little secret.  Lean can help you with that flexibility to handle the rough times and will also set your company up for a brighter future.  Reducing inventory, improving quality, reducing lead-times, minimizing floor space, expanding margins, and creating a culture of continuous improvement…..sound like a few things that might make you a stronger company?….that might make you more competitive in your industry?  Yes and Yes.

If there is an economic downturn coming like many currently fear, than why wouldn’t you start preparing now.  Your competitor may already have and only the strongest businesses have the best chance at survival, and the weak close their doors.  What is the worst that could happen….the economy does fine and you now have a stronger and more financial viable company.  I think you can live with that.

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