Using Lean as an Entrepreneur

Carmine Denisco on the Inventors Launchpad Podcast

Using Lean as an Entrepreneur: Lean Manufacturing in Start-ups

Lean Manufacturing is used broadly in many manufacturing companies around the world.  Lean has become a common language in more manufacturing industries and has become a staple approach to providing more value for customers through increased quality and efficiencies.  But what many don’t realize is that Lean Manufacturing is actually more about the management system and the learning that comes from problem solving than the technical tools that are so widely publicized.  With that, Lean Manufacturing is able to be used and applied in any company or industry and at any stage of the process.  In this podcast, we discuss Lean Manufacturing and some potentials for use in the Start-up world along with the host Carmine Denisco on the Inventors Launchpad Podcast.


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Jason Burt is the owner of Evolve Holdings LLC, which provides business-consulting services based on applying Lean principles across all areas and levels of an organization. He has had the opportunity to work with and be mentored directly by Toyota, the creators of Lean. Jason now helps other companies achieve lean cultures and also is actively involved in multiple start-up ventures as an owner and investor. Since venturing into the entrepreneurial world, Jason has had the opportunity to work with many fascinating companies and to help them achieve new potential in terms of business strategy and culture development.

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