Lean Consulting

Lean Consulting can save companies and increase performance levels to all time highs…but time and time again we hear about “lean” consultants that were not able to drive impact within a potential client, or how they left the organization and now everyone is afraid of what a lean organization might mean for them. These Lean Consulting companies are thriving off of short-term results and a few tools in their toolbox to quickly make change to some processes with no regard to driving long-term sustainable change for the organization. Lean Consulting must take a holistic approach with the company to ensure the activities meet the strategic goals of the organization.

EHIIP Lean Consulting takes a much different approach when working with clients. Our approach transfers knowledge to create a sustainable approach that will drive business results tied directly to the organizational strategy in place. This includes driving process improvement, but also builds a Management System that allows leadership to continue improving the process long after your engagement with us as your consultants. Our purpose is to create a culture that improves the organization on a daily basis without our involvement, so you no longer need a day-to-day coach. We can then support you only when you need us as the occasional coach that we all need from time to time.

EHIIP Lean Consulting has differentiated itself from other consulting companies in a couple different key ways. One, our approach focuses on building cultures in companies that drive sustainable change. This sadly is not the case with many consulting companies that are more focused on the quick result and not whether or not those results tie to your strategy or if they will still be in place 6 months down the road. Another key way that we separate ourselves from the competition is in our unprecedented customer service. We coach companies to move away from batch manufacturing and drive to smaller lot sizes and more frequent problem solving. This is an approach that we feel consulting companies teaching lean should also embrace. We work our schedule to encourage shorter frequent coaching visits from us to better support the activities of our client base. So instead of only seeing for 5 day blocks of time for convenience to the consultant, we chop our week up to see multiple clients throughout and provide frequent coaching. We feel this separates us and allows us to drive a much stronger cultural change over time.


Growth and Reducing Cost of Growth

Meeting clients where they are, understanding the main issues, and helping translate strategy and business objectives into organizational capability through system thinking and a shared vision.  We help you grow….and grow without the typical pain…

Lean Leadership

Coaching and transferring knowledge to senior leadership creating a PDCA management system with problem solving capability at all levels of the organization.  We help you learn how to optimize your own system. Become a sustainable improving company.

Optimizing the Flow of Value Creation

Aligning and re-shaping the organizations core processes focused on the flow of value creation throughout the customer experience.  We will guide you to create value within your organization.

Designing the work within an organization must start at the highest strategic level.  Many companies attempt to initiate change at lower levels and fail due to misalignment of the organization.  A clear strategy should always be in place to provide the foundation for needs of the company and where, when and how improvement activity needs to take place.   The strategy provides context and guidance for organizational capability and alignment of all work.

Organization Capability must be understood across the entire system horizontally in order to provide strategic success.

Evolve has many years of Toyota Production System learning and the PDCA process has become the foundation for the way we work, and how we develop organizations to work. The PDCA process is applicable at all levels in the organization and provides a problem solving approach that enables learning and personal growth simultaneously.

Evolve recognizes the in order to create a high performing organization with sustainability, there must be a balance in the approach that includes….

  • Purpose – Balanced activity where the organization is aligned to business objectives
  • People – Developing organization capability simultaneously
  • Process – Tools and techniques are learned and applied purposely within daily work

Many companies are able to achieve short-term needs…but are you changing the equation to drive long-term sustainable results.  Engaging the culture and changing the way the entire organization thinks and works within the process on a daily basis can deliver powerful results.